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Self-care is one of those words that you see all over social media. How important it is. How you need to prioritise it. How it doesn't have to be expensive or take too long. Then you read the ideas and you're like "what the heck, I don't have the time or resources for that!" So, as the people saying that right there with you, we went on an internet hunt for ideas that we could actually employ into our days. Kind of like those 5-minute no equipment exercise videos - we wanted the self-care versions of those (actually those even made the cut!). And we think we delivered.

Have a look and give one of these 10 self-care ideas a go - not because self-care is important and needs to be a priority, but because you, dear reader, are amazing and deserve to feel your best. Enjoy!

Xx Mosey

1. Light a candle 

We love this idea because it takes you all of 2 minutes but can last for hours. Pick up your favourite candle and light 'er up! Then perhaps combine that with one of the other ideas here. May we suggest these Nosey Goodness ones?

2. (Video) phone a friend

You know how sometimes you have a friend that you don't feel up to but then you go and feel a million times better? This idea is that in 5 minutes. Think of good friend and FaceTime them. Tell them you're doing 5-minutes of self-care by calling them and you'll make both of your days while also letting them know you're not planning to take up too much of their time. If you can't do video, a regular phone call is obviously good too. 

3. Lie down for 5 minutes 

The afternoon slump is a real thing. The next time that happens, have a quick lie down and close your eyes. On your bed, on the floor in your office, on a bench in a park. Wherever you are, this is a chance to catch a quick snooze or just let your mind be free. 

4. 5 Minute Dance Party

Okay this one kind of made us roll our eyes, then we did it and darn it if it doesn't pick your day up. Can we recommend starting with either September by Earth, Wine & Fire or Uptown Funk feat. Bruno Mars by Mark Ronson? Also please share your favourite dance tunes with us. We'd love to hear them! 

5. Say no or give yourself to permission to change your mind

This is a super simple self-care idea and probably our favourite. If you're not up for something or don't want to, but don't have an "appropriate" excuse, just say "Thanks, but no thanks." This also applies to if you've already yes to something and now just don't have it in you. Tell yourself it's okay to whoever you're meant to catch up with that you're feeling flat and don't want to bring that energy to them. They'll understand (they may even feel relieved!). 

6. Try a 5 minute exercise video on YouTube

YouTube can be an absolute time suck or remind you of the videos your kids watch on repeat, but it also has so many awesome quick no-equipment exercise videos. Moving just a little bit can invigorate you and make you feel stronger - and if it's only for 5 minutes, you don't even need to be in workout clothes. Our Digital Marketing Manager did this 5-minute abs video from the darling Bailey Brown every day for a week and said it really put a pep in her step (and her abs).

7. Face mask! 

Okay so face masks are usually meant to be on your face a little longer than 5 minutes, but you can put one on in less than 5 minutes and do other things around the house while it does lovely things to your face. Or even better, just do whatever you feel like while you have the mask on for those 10-20 minutes! We love this Transformazing Sheet Mask from Go-To but if you can't get your hands on these, just try a couple next time you go grocery shopping. 

8. Practice kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are toning and strengthening exercises to your pelvic floor. They have great benefits (whether you've had kids or not), and best of all, no one can tell you're doing them and you can easily do them in under 5 minutes. Check out this Women's Health article for how to do them right. 

9. Get fresh air

Getting outside for a quick walk around the block or simply sitting on a bench can work wonders. If you have a little longer than 5 minutes, awesome! If not, just get out there, soak up some rays (ideally) and take a few deep breaths. A few articles we read said this can help boost concentration and energy. Win win. 

10. Declutter

This may not seem like a real self-care idea, but imagine the last time you cleaned your house or apartment and how good it felt and you'll realise it is. If you aren't someone that is fussed by clutter, maybe skip this one, but if you are, then spend 5 or so minutes organising and getting rid of things in a specific spot in your place, like your desk or your shoes. It's quick, easy and gives you an instant feeling of having control.  

We hope you love these ideas and feel they are as busy-life-friendly as we do. We'd also love to hear your ideas. We can use all the help we can get. 😅 Share them in the comments! 


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