FEMALE by Mosey Me // Shot by Rose Gregory & Thom Mitchell

FEMALE by Mosey Me // Shot by Rose Gregory & Thom Mitchell


A celebration of all things female. After a year of twists and turns with beautiful highs and overwhelming lows, one thing in my life never wavered – my girlfriends. The constant love, support and friendship that came out through all the beautiful females in my life was so inspiring.

In awe of the women around me I decided to dedicate a day to them – My Mosey Me muses, where I could attempt to repay them for everything they have given me. These photos are just that, they are of me and my girlfriends having lunch and celebrating life.

Beautifully shot by Rose Gregory and Thom Mitchell, they have captured the aura that surrounds us girls when we are together.

Forever grateful for the female connection and the comfort it provides me. Thank you so much to all the girls who were involved in this shoot and to the ones that couldn’t be there on the day, you all mean the world to me.

Love eliza  

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