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The new Full Bloom bedding range includes our beautiful Blush Dot print which is featured on the reverse side of the Toffee & Cream print. The Blush Dot print makes a perfect neutral pattern to pair with many of our other pieces and pieces that you may have around the home already.


Blush Dot Flat Sheet

The perfectly imperfect polka dots make a great staple for paring pattern on pattern. The neutral tones allow for any overlay of bolder patterns and colours to make a statement. Pairing the Blush Dot print with our Salento Quilt Cover Set in Wine & Orchid allows for the colours to balance & for the wine colouring to pop. 

To complete the look, add our new Half Moon Art Print above your bed or in a smaller frame next to your bedside table. The Half Moon Art Print emphasise the brown and lilac colouring featured in both bedding prints.


Mixing with linen you already have

The blush pink tones of the dot print work complimentary with brown & terracotta hues, other blush pinks & earthy tones. Pairing the patterned prints with any of these colours brings warmth to your little oasis.  


Finishing it off with additional homewares

Besides adding artwork, adding an additional sense can add another dimension to your space! Adding a fragrance to your space creates a sense of ambience. Our Nosey Goodness in Full Bloom is the perfect fresh fragrance with notes of Jasmine, Neroli and Rosemary to add a flower bomb of fragrance to your space.

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