Mosey Me X Dream States

Mosey Me X Dream States

We teamed up with our studio sister Dream States to create this beautiful photo diary and get you day dreaming of warmer months on the horizon. 

Morning sunlight streams through the windows creating a dreamy haze of soft hue's. Ever so sweet slip dresses and two piece suits provide comfort and ease for a dreamy nights sleep.

Oversize florals adorn cotton bedlinen providing the perfect space to spend a few extra hours in bed.

Roll over, grab a book and let the day slip away


Mosey Me and Dream States providing you plenty of reasons to never leave the bedroom or change out of your loungewear! 


Model: Taira @tairaxx

Loungewear: Dream States @dreamstateslounge

Bedlinen: Mosey Me @mosey_me

Styling: Eliza O'Sullivan & Eugenie Meeker 

Photography: Eliza O'Sullivan


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