The Best Plants for Every Room of your Home

The Best Plants for Every Room of your Home

Investing in greenery can be one of the quickest and most beautiful ways to breathe some life and colour into your home! Unless you're a plant expert though (which many of you undoubtedly might be) it can be challenging to figure out which ones are best for your home environment. 

To help you (and ourselves), we went straight to our friend, plant expert and owner of Ocean Green Collective Victoria Morrison. 

Read on for her recommendations for the best plants for every room of your home!

For your living room

Best Plants: Olives trees, Palms and Monstera Deliciosa

WhyLarge statement plant and pot combinations create an instant wow factor to any living room. Treat them like a prized piece of furniture and give them space to shine. Plants with height such as palms and olive trees, grow up to the ceiling and fill the whole space creating an instant jungle or Mediterranean vibe and we need holiday feels now more than ever.

    For your kitchen

    Best Plants: Vines such as Devils Ivy and Philodendron varieties.

    WhyAs bench space is so precious in the kitchen, I like to use hanging  planters. This brings life and greenery to the space without cluttering up the  bench top. If you can place them near a window for the natural light to filter  through the expressive vines, it adds a beautiful natural dimension to your  kitchen space. 

    For your bathroom

    Best plants: Smaller plant varieties like Polybotrya, Chinese Money plants and Hoyas.

    WhyHave fun in this space. Bathrooms are great for all Indoor plants, the level of humidity creates the perfect living conditions for your indoor plants to thrive. A cluster of smaller plants sitting around the bath or on a cabinet will create a zen space for you to relax.

      For a bedroom or area in your home that gets lots of sunlight

      Best plantsRubber Plants

      WhyRubber plants thrive in a warm sunny spot. They come in a variety of  colours and variegations, and are a personal favourite due to their ease of care and large shiny leafs they love to throw out. The Ruby variety has a stunning pink pop to its leaf. This unique tone coupled with the structured plant create a beautiful synergy of softness and strength to your room.

        For a bedroom or area in your home that doesn’t get a lot of sun

        Best plantsPhilodendrons, Snake plants and spider plants

        WhyThey are a selection of low light plants that are also high in air purification this helps promote a deeper calmer sleep by purifying the air.

          To learn more about Ocean Green Collective, head to Victoria's website or follow her on Instagram @OceanGreenCollective.

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