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The Garden | Behind the Print

The Garden | Behind the Print

When I first sat down to design the garden print, we were in stage 4 lockdown here in Melbourne, Australia and it was the middle of winter. Luckily, I could still go into the studio to pick and pack online orders which gave me some routine however I longed for the beauty of a blossoming spring garden. Everything just felt so grey. I decided to collate a mood board full of florals from apparel prints to fresh posies, and flower fields across the world. I just let my mind run wild through floral imagery.



I got out the black ink (which is how I start every print) and started drawing messy imperfect flowers. I wanted to create an overgrown untamed garden as everything we were living through felt so contained and orderly that this was a nice way to escape. Choosing colour was the same, I chose to amp it up and make it super colourful for a beautiful contrast to what a wintery Melbourne was offering up.



The end resulted in colourful garden scape that reminds me of a time when I really needed some colour in my life. I’m so happy it can now be shared amongst families and friends as we all gather back together again for the festive season. And for our friends around the world where this is not yet the case, let this print be a little ray of light and a reminder that after winter always comes spring.  




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