We are in this together!

We are in this together!


A note from Mosey...

I know now is not the time for silence however I find myself speechless. My heart aches for everyone who has ever felt discriminated, mistreated, abused and unheard due to the colour of their skin. In the 90’s our projections of 2020 were futuristic and hopeful yet we are still displaying racism and believing that a certain shade of skin is more entitled than another. This was supposed to be something that changed over time but society has lost that privilege and now it’s something that needs to change yesterday. I vow to listen, learn and educate myself and the people I work with about how and what we can do both personally and professionally to create and promote change.

We are all one race - the Human race ~ Jane Elliot




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We can no longer hide from the current state of the world.
Now is the time to educate and demonstrate change.
We encourage you to start conversations with your friends and family.
We are in this together.


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