Celebrate your holidays with Mosey

Celebrate your holidays with Mosey

It's become a tradition for us to pull together our favourite looks for the holiday season. We love seeing how Mosey can brighten up your festive celebrations. Whether you're after a fresh brunch, long lunch or late night soiree, shop our favourite looks this season.


The vibe: Gorgeous garden. It's fresh, it's playful, it's that inviting look we all need after the rollercoaster of the last two years.

Get the look: Start with a playful floral like our Garden tablecloth. Then add some contrast to your table with a bold print as you see in our Abstract napkins. Top off the look with fun candlesticks, coloured glassware and stunning blooms plus fresh summer fruits, of course. 

Mosey brunch

Long Lunch.

The vibe: Indulgent. The long lunch used to be common. Colleagues would get together to discuss business over a martini or two and then just never make it back to work. This look is about bringing this tradition back, at least for the holidays. 

Get the look: Be bold. Have the first layer of your table be a darker bold print like our Abstract tablecloth, then liven it up with colourful napkins like those in our Garden print. Don't be afraid to layer print on top of print to create unexpected combinations. Like that checkered plate against the Abstract print...*chef's kiss*. Have a play with glassware in fluid shapes and colours. Then all you need are some fresh blooms and seafood. 

Table for Two

The vibe: Dazzle, darling. It only takes two to tango, so no matter how big or small your celebratory affair is, it's worth making it special. This look is about bringing a playful flair to the most intimate moments. 

Get the look: With fewer guests (and perhaps a smaller table), play with placemats instead of a tablecloth. Mix and match your placemats and napkins like we've done here with the Half Moon and Abstract prints. Compliment the look with pastel coloured glassware and plates and a bottle of bubbly. 

Late Night Soiree

The vibe: Laid back glam. The champagne is still pouring but the shoes are off. The tunes are loud but the laughter is louder. This look is about creating that spark that lasts late into the night. 

Get the look: Invite a playful print like our Half Moon tablecloth to be the backdrop of your evening. Let it steal the show behind clear and pastel-hued glassware and plates. Add splashes of candy cane for a little extra holiday cheer. Top off with looottts of bubbly, cake and laugh the night away. 


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