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Our Story

Mosey Me is a homewares and lifestyle label from Melbourne, Australia. Taking inspiration from style, mood and female connection, Mosey Me delivers a unique take on home textiles where inclusivity is key. All Mosey Me designs walk the line of playful sophistication, with an emphasis on print and colour. Mosey Me products are a celebration of good design and life's simple pleasures. Our unique, quality products are intended to bring joy into all areas of your home.


All our prints are hand-painted in our Brunswick studio before being translated onto fabrics using various printing methods. 

We are committed to responsible manufacturing, working with skilled artisans in Portugal and India who meet our strict standards. All Mosey Me products are made with only quality natural materials with a strong emphasis on ethical trade.

All our collections are created in small production runs to avoid wastage and keep our prints exclusive. This does mean, however, that we have limited quantities and once it’s sold through we usually say goodbye. 


Mosey Me’s design aesthetic is inspired by past art heroes like Mattise and Picasso for their simplicity yet playful nature in creating art. Whether it be paintings, sculpture or ceramics, the fluidity of fun is always there. Style and mood steer the direction for each collection with the celebration of female connection always at its core.

“Female connection in particular is something that interests me as I navigate my way through life and its different stages, the supportive and nurturing female bond is something that is ever present and a constant source of inspiration.”  

- Eliza O'Sullivan, founder of Mosey Me