Behind the collab with Flort Behind the collab with Flort

We first discovered Flort’s beautiful candles via Instagram, of course! Their pastel coloured candles and thoughtfully curated feed was somewhat of a beautiful escape to day dream through! Agi, who run’s Flort which translates to Flirt in Hungarian, is a wedding stylist and candle maker. Hailing from Hungary she put roots down in Australia a few years back now and has firmly established her two businesses Flort and Whole Lotta Love creative, a boutique wedding styling service.

We approached Agi explore the idea of a collaboration as we knew a little Mosey take on her candles would be so much fun to create. We are in love with how the brightly coloured candles have turned out and equally as pleased to see how great they pair back with our tableware! We hope you enjoy our little chat with Agi below. 

Can you tell us a little bit about how Flort Designs came about?

Not long after I started my wedding styling business, one of my friends asked me if I would offer beautiful designer candles as part of my styling ( this was also in the same time when Melbourne went into a lockdown and weddings couldn't go ahead) Candles are one of my favourite element to style, so I wanted to be able to incorporate them into my weddings. I ended up doing a lot of research and started experimenting with colours and shapes. Some of the most popular colours are still the ones I first made. I fell in love with the process, and I really enjoy making them.

How have you found running Flort to be different from Whole Lotta Love Creative?

Running a wedding styling business is a lot of liaising, mood boards, and brainstorming, so I actually really enjoy my candle making days when I get to switch off and make something with my hands. But there are a few similarities - for example collaborating on a shoot, I get to work on some creative ideas and I often combine the two businesses :) I also noticed that a a lot of people who follow my work on Whole Lotta Love would order candles for their events, so I get to meet some beautiful people over social media this way. Often both businesses require a lot of physical work, whether it’s setting up a wedding, or pouring candles and packing orders. No two days are the same, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What do you enjoy most about making candles?

I love that I get to switch off during candle making, it’s my relaxing time, and in a couple of hours I get to enjoy the product I made. I still get very excited when I see the candles come out perfectly.

What have you enjoyed most about this first brand collab with Mosey Me?

I absolutely love collaborating with other makers, and I loved that we both got so excited about the same colours and ideas :) I think our products go so beautifully together and I am glad people get to enjoy them!

What would your ideal Sunday look like?

Going for a walk and grabbing a coffee in my neighbourhood ( Thornbury), popping into a record store or small boutique, and having a candlelit dinner with my partner

When you’re styling your own event, do you go all out?

I actually love that every wedding I work on and couples I meet are so different, so I get to be creative and work with a lot of palettes and ideas. Bright colours and bold styling excites me!! I absolutely love working with different textures, whether it's linen, stationery or of course candles :)


Eliza's original design layout of the collection Behind the collab with Flort

The final product! 


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