Mosey Me x Arcadia Scott 2021

Mosey Me x Arcadia Scott 2021

This collection brings together Melbourne based ceramicist Arcadia Scott and our designer, Eliza O'Sullivan again for the second time.

Mosey and Arcadia collaborated for the first time in August last year and they have been at it again!
This new collaborative collection is handmade in Arcadia Scott's Coburg studio and meticulously hand painted by our owner designer, Eliza.

Things were done a little differently this time around. Eliza welcomed her daughter Peach into the world in January of this year. Some of these pieces have been hand painted from the Arcadia studio and some in the late hours of the night from Eliza's home studio, while baby sleeps.

Perfectly, imperfect, with no two pieces the same this collection was inspired by the ebbs and flows of life and an inherent love of colour.



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