Mosey Me x Arcadia Scott 2020

Mosey Me x Arcadia Scott 2020

This collection brings together Melbourne based potter, Arcadia Scott and our designer, Eliza O'Sullivan.
Each piece has been lovingly handmade by Arcadia in her Coburg studio and then meticulously hand painted by Eliza in a free form print, designed to wrap around these timeless vessels. 

After meeting in the Melbourne market circuit, the pair decided that their chosen mediums would make for the perfect duo. A balance of Arcadia's iconic, earthy stoneware with Mosey's playful colours and shapes. 

These pieces make the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, to brighten your day whilst making more sustainable choices.



The Collection

Travel Mugs in Natural - Large & Regular

Travel Mugs in Black - Large & Regular

Tumbler in Natural & Black




The Process

Here is some insight into the design and collaboration process. Everything from colour, shape and form are developed and considered, to finally come together and create something we are proud to call our own.


Arcadia Scott Website
Arcadia Scott Instagram

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