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Behind the Scenes: Eliza’s Design Process

Behind the Scenes: Eliza’s Design Process

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Mosey Me HQ?

A few weeks ago, we welcomed artist Shanae Duncan to pop by and capture Eliza’s design process.

Documenting it all on film, Shanae followed Eliza’s progression from mood board to paint and all the way to fabric swatch review.

While the whole process can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months, it always starts in the same place: with a mood board. Eliza collates inspiration from art, fashion, interiors, and nature.


With ideas forming from these images, Eliza then sits down to paint. This sometimes results in drawings of random motifs or shapes that are then brought together on the computer, while other times they result in a finished painted artwork.


In either case, these paintings transform from their acrylic and ink forms into digital files. Then the fun begins! Eliza plays with colour and shape, layering motifs onto one another and exploring possible iterations of an idea until happy.


Once the digital image is complete, the pantone fan comes out and so begins the process of choosing the exact shade for each colour. The CADs are then sent off to the factory for sample creation in fabric.


Once fabric swatches are received at the studio weeks later, they are reviewed against the pantones and tweaks are made to both print and colour as needed. The back and forth continues until the designs are signed off for production. And the next time we see the print is on a bedspread or tablecloth!


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