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Mosey Loves Grace Corby

Mosey Loves Grace Corby
Grace Corby : Mosey Me Interview

I came across Grace Corby on instagram a few years back and was instantly taken with her impeccable style. She is a master of tonal dressing and manages to pull together the most unlikely combinations and make them work, she also does a killer costume attire - just scroll back through her insta and you'll see some gems. Another thing I admire about Grace is her use of colour and texture through out her styling. Her style is authentic, feminine & playful and she is a total honey. We stopped by her Sydney home to take some snaps and have some chats. I'm sure you can understand why Mosey Loves Grace Corby.

What is your star sign?
Cancer but I'm a total non-believer (is that super Cancer of me?)

What suburb do you live in in Sydney?
I live in Alexandria, it's pretty non-descript, it's close to Newtown and Redfern for Sydney novices.

Who do you share your lovely home with?
My partner of 13 years, Josh, and my online shop FLUFF!

Luxury Bed Linen by Mosey Me

How do you define style? and what makes you appreciate someone else’s?
To me, style is an extension of someone's personality, you can get a pretty solid read on someone from how they present themselves and what they choose to adorn their body with. Every piece of clothing says *something* whether you intend it to or not, its impossible to disengage from the cycle of sending and receiving sartorial signals. Style is the message you're transmitting. 
I appreciate someone's style when the message is intentional, rendered with an inventive eye and denotes free-thought and originality. That sounds really wanky but I really appreciate fearlessness -- leaders and innovators.
That being said, the whole process is highly subjective! My idea of HOT may be someone else's NOT + vice versa ofc.

Do you have any rules when it comes to getting dressed?
I like special, statement things that are difficult to replicate and can't be found elsewhere. I like to put on something special every time I get dressed. I think we should all collectively be less afraid of overdressing, although I frequently let that fear impede my choices when I'm getting dressed. A neurotic rule I tend to stick by is monochrome! If I wear red it has to be ALL red, same with orange or green or blue or black or white. I've been practising this for years now and I've only really just realised I do it. I find it very "neat" - both in the literal sense and the colloquial sense. 

Grace Corby & Mosey Me 100% Cotton Bed Linen
Designer Homeware Label Mosey Me Loves GC Designer Textiles & Homewares GC

What draws you to vintage? Have you always loved it?
I love vintage for the freedom. Vintage gives wearers freedom from ubiquity as it enables you to dress outside of trends. Shopping vintage provides access to very high quality pieces at a fraction of the cost of designer wear , which is also very freeing - facilitating participation in "higher" levels of fashion usually reserved for the wealthy. 
I have loved vintage since I got my first casual job working for $5.54 an hour at a fruit shop. Obviously to a 14 year old girl on that wage, shopping at thrift stores offered vastly better bang for your buck than the mall. I still get a rush every time I enter a vintage store or a market stall. It's exciting to not know what awaits you inside and I get such a buzz from modernising old pieces and piecing ensembles together. 

You manage to combine some of the most contrasting looks/pieces and pull them all together in one outfit - do you have any advice on mixing styles?
Thank you :) Ummm for mixing styles, I would recommend going with your gut! I also believe in pairing high and low, dressing down a fancy piece with something not fancy. I like all my clothes to have a lived-in look, pieces with character and not too polished. I guess I often strive to be both overdressed and nonchalant at the same time which you can achieve with like a suit a sneakers or $2 Y2K kitten heels and an opulent feather dress. It's a fun equilibrium to attempt.

Vintage Fashion

What has been your biggest vintage score?
I think its always changing, its a flavour-of-the-month type thing. At the moment I am loving the kimono I wore when you came to visit. It was on a display wall in a vintage shop in Mullumbimby and I'm like "yes." The print is so special and its quite a fun, structured shape.

What’s your go to Sydney vintage shop or market?
I shop at Glebe markets most weekends, there's a high rotation of different stalls so you never know what you're going to find. Surry Hills markets are great too for higher quality vintage. For shops I love King St + Enmore Rd!

Grace Corby & MM
Linen Tablecloths & Napery by Mosey Me

What’s your favourite pick from Mosey Me? And why?
I LOVE the tablecloths and napery! They are so bright and fun but also super versatile. All of the prints are instant mood-lifters and obviously perfect for entertaining. They inspire me to fantasise about what kind of food and cocktails I'd serve and what flora and plating I could use. I think just owning them would encourage me to host more lunch soirees and dinner parties :)

Thank you so much for having me Mosey Me!

Linen Napkin Photo Shoot
Mosey Loves // Grace Corby 
Photographed by // Eliza O'Sullivan 
Styling // Grace Corby 
Some of my favourite looks from grace Find her on instagram @gracecorby

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