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Mosey Loves Georgia Virtue

Mosey Loves Georgia Virtue

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Georgia is an old friend of mine from school days, one I have consistently kept up with over the years throughout our various stages of life. I can honestly say she is one of the most hilarious people I have ever met. I have cried with laughter so many times with her and our undeniable pug love bond is something we will cherish forever. She’s incredibly down to earth, open and honest and has a similar approach to her effortlessly cool style. As our thirties approached I noticed a calmness and an acceptance of self that Georgia portrayed. She exudes confidence but not in an arrogant way, she does her own thing but not in an isolating way, she walks her own path which gets her where she needs to go & she won’t force it on you but she’ll let you join in if you want. She is courageously her unique self which is why Mosey Loves Georgie Virtue.

What is your star sign? 
I’m a crabby old Cancerian.

What suburb do you live in in Melbourne? 
I live in East Melbourne and I am obsessed with it. It’s beautiful and quiet yet walking distance from pretty much anywhere I want to go. Plus my neighbours greet me in the mornings when they are walking their dogs. As if that happens in 2019!

Who do you share your lovely home with? 
I live with a friend of mine, Julia, which is pretty fun.  

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How do you define style? and what makes you appreciate someone else’s?
I think just being yourself is stylish. You know what works on you and what doesn’t and I appreciate when people just go with it because they like themselves in it. You know when you think “well good on him/her”- that’s appreciating style to me.

You teach English as a second language, what does that work give you that you can’t find in other places?
Well a couple of things really- I love that I get to work in a team, like really a team, where despite being the teacher and having more knowledge no one is asserting that they’re better than anyone or anything like that which by all accounts you don’t seem to have in a corporate environment. I’m reminded every day of how lucky I am (to not know the struggles that some people face) which probably keeps me in check a bit.  Also I learn a lot which I think is invaluable. I couldn’t stand to be bored at work. And I have fun, so I never really have a bad day or dread going to work, you know what I mean?

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 You seem to be confident and comfortable in your own skin, and there is an air of authenticity around you. When and how do you did you come to this space of yourself? 
I think that I learnt early on that we’re all vulnerable and no one is perfect. Letting insecurities get in the way of a good time is how people come off the wrong way, so I don’t know, I’ve always found it just easier to realise it is what it is and get on with it. Obviously I don’t feel super confident 100% of the time but make me laugh and I’ve forgotten about it.

How do you tune out other people’s judgments?
You can’t control what anyone thinks, except yourself. They can do them and I’ll do me thank you!

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Everyone has moments of self-doubt, what do you to pull yourself out of these places and back on track?
I say “Nyawell”  (with an accompanying shoulder shrug) to myself about 8 times a day. Not everything works out all the time and it’s not meant to. It’s important to remember that you can’t win or lose if you don’t run the race. If it doesn’t work out, Nyawell.

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What does self-care look like for you?
Reminding yourself about all the positives about you. I mean a little “God, I’m funny” or “Man, I am womanly” or “Proud of me” thought is so healthy. And knowing to hit decline on negative thoughts about yourself. Ain’t nobody got time for them.

Will you get another Pug? 
Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?! HAHA But only when I can offer that pug the best life ever, which is why I don’t have one at the moment!

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It looks like you prioritise lots of time for yourself and nature, is this a balance that comes naturally to you or is it something you really need to plan?
I love the city but I really froth at getting out and visiting other places. I usually try to plan to do something out of my daily routine every weekend. Funnily enough having coffee and a bowl of muesli with just my book and myself is also a part of my weekend routine so, go figure.

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 Where’s your favourite place to swim in Victoria?
You know I can actually barely swim, so I’m a risk at surf beaches for real LOL. I love a natural pool though, so I’m going to say any quiet spot on the Mornington Peninsula at low tide.

 What’s your favourite pick from Mosey Me? 
Hands down my first ever purchase which was the zebra tea towel. It simply evokes happiness.


Gracias for having me Mosey Me x

Georgia Virtue & Mosey Me

Mosey Loves // Georgia Virtue
Photographed by // Eliza O'Sullivan 
Styling // Eliza O'Sullivan
Products featured // Floral Dreams QC set in Lilac & Mustard, Pink Curve Bath Mat, Dot Dash Tablecloth, SHAPES Pink & Olive Pillowcase set 
Some of my favourite looks from Georgia, Find her on instagram @gv_lol Link Below
Georgia Virtue - instagramGeorgia VirtueGeorgiaGeorgia Virtue - bikiniGeorgia Virtue - Always LateGeorgia Virtue - BeachGeorgia Virtue pose


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