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Mosey Loves Shanae Duncan

Mosey Loves Shanae Duncan

I first spotted Shanae on Instagram about a year ago and I fell in love with her punchy use of colour and her refined individual style. Shanae’s natural eye for angles, colour, shape and everything in between makes for a super refreshing aesthetic that I really haven’t seen before. 

I love finding inspiration in fellow creatives that are doing things their way, so much so that I wanted to share the lovely Shanae with you, in the hope that she can inspire you as much as she has me.

What star sign are you?
Libra! I'm an air head ahaha. 

Where are you based?
I'm based in Sunny Brisbane.

What did you study and why did you decide to go down that path?
In 2018 I graduated from a bachelor of Visual fine arts, It was a blast! I developed a big passion for art during high school so I always knew it was something that I wanted to grow my understanding of.  

I was hooked as soon as stumbled across your Instagram page - I hit follow immediately! I love the way you intertwine art, your style and your photography so cohesively, is this something you strive for and curate or does it unfold organically?
Thank you! It's a mix I guess, I like to post whatever I feel drawn to at the time and try not to stress if it all works together or not, I'm lucky to have a pretty consistent style but I can still see all of my phases I went through over the years. I guess that's the joy of any social media account. 

Where do you find inspiration and what’s the journey of channelling it onto paper or digitally?
Everywhere!!! On the street, art galleries, the Internet, op shops. I think if you're aware and start to question why you like the things you like than it might slowly start to unfold into your work organically. The process of channelling it onto paper or digitally comes into playing and picking up on colours that I like or objects that work well together. As well as making a lot of mistakes, that's important. 

Your angles and sense of photography are very strong and crisp – you are also the subject in many of this pics, who helps you out on shoots?
I find so much joy in taking photos, a lot of the time it's just me and myself messing around at home, dressing up and having a little dance party in my room. Often the camera will be balancing on multiple shoe boxes or hanging off whatever I can find ahaha. I've recently started getting into film photography with a $3 camera I found at an op shop. It's been nice to be able to capture something in the moment and not overthink it too much. 

What/who are your biggest influences right now?
Hmm. Artist Stephen Ormandy for her use of colour & shape. Oh a youtube channel called Never Too Small that tours tiny well-designed homes in Australia. Also Chelsea Jade, her music is great and she makes stunning music videos!! (also u because u r killin it) 

What are you working on professionally for 2020?
Professionally for 2020 I'm working on making a little online store where I can sell original and printed artworks. I love having bright & colourful things in my space and would love to give that joy to someone else. 

What is your favourite pick from Mosey Me and why?
Oh my. everything. If I had to pick it would be the Pink Curve bath mat because it's STUNNING, and cool bath mats are really hard to come across, especially in Australia. 
 Find Shanae Duncan @shanaeyo

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