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Mosey Loves Tyra Paydon

Mosey Loves Tyra Paydon

I was first introduced to Tyra's jewellery through a friend of mine, from the minute I saw it I loved it! I was curious to find out more about the woman behind these beautiful creations. Once I discovered I fell hard. Her style and curation is so dreamy and warm. From her photos of bright sunlit rooms to her choice of coloured gems, everything Tyra does has her uniqueness all over it.

I met with Tyra to talk about her innate love for gemstones and how growing up with creative parents shaped her own path. I hope you enjoy this chat with the incredible inspiring your creative, Tyra Paydon!

Please note: I interviewed Tyra in her home earlier this year before the world dramatically changed.


What star sign are you?
I’m on the cusp of Virgo and Libra, I only realised this last year! I definitely identify more as a Libra.

What is your favourite colour?
This is sooo hard for me, but I’m going to say green.

What is your favourite suburb in Melbourne and why? 
I tend to hang out in the north where all my friends are based, so I would have to say around Fitzroy, Northcote etc.


When did you start your jewellery practice? 
I properly started in 2017 after coming back from a Europe trip. I was feeling very inspired and creative so I decided to do the course as it was always something I wanted to try. I’d always had a love for jewellery and knew that I wanted to do something creative. I had dabbled in floristry pre Europe and probably started jewellery on a whim once I returned but I am happy I did because I love what I do today.

What did you study to learn your craft? 
Melbourne Polytechnic, I recommend the course if you’re wanting to get into it.

What pulled you to jewellery? 
After thinking on this I would say the pull came from an infatuation with gemstones, especially in their natural form. As a young child around 5 I bought my first crystal at Camberwell market that I spent all my birthday money on and I continued to collect them my whole childhood, so I guess that passion has always been there and explains why I use a lot of gems in most of my pieces. My parents were both creatives, any given day my dad would be somewhere building something or making a lamp while my mum was sewing or constructing something elsewhere. They always kept themselves creatively busy where as I was in the tree and not really at their work benches, but inevitably I feel it absolutely influenced me later.

What’s you favourite type of Jewellery to make? (engagement rings, necklace, etc)
I love making rings and they have become my thing because of the high demand, so I’m very happy about this!

I was first drawn to your beautiful work due to its colour, you seem to work with a beautiful palette of purples, greens, light pinks etc. I love the feminine undertone that shines through your work and overall vibe. Is this intentional at all or do you feel as though it’s just speckles of your personality coming through into your practice? 
Thank you! It’s probably both, I’ve always been drawn to colour so my work has most definitely got flickers of Femininity fused with a not as feminine base, I guess that fits my personality and style.

What inspires you creatively? 
We always had a wide and varied vintage glass collection as my mum loved glass. We drank from colourful crystal glassware, usually mid century. Most days it was always a different glass, the dinner table was always odd, but beautiful! It carved my inspiration for sure and still inspires me to this day.

Your home feels very curated and specific, I know a lot of that comes from your mum, However! do you feel that way inclined when decorating or styling your own room/studio? 
I don’t really think on it too much, I have no rules on what my room display is. It seems to change weekly going with whatever inspires me at the time or whatever I have picked up at the op shop, sometimes it’s more minimalist and other times it’s chaotic and random and not so curated like the rest of the house.

You have a real flair for vintage furniture, where do you go searching for these pieces? 
It can go from finding something on the side of the road or opshops to Ebay. Definitely have scoured all of the beautiful vintage furniture shops around Fitzroy in Melbourne.

When it comes to my surroundings and workspace I feel as though I can’t be
productive unless everything is in order and presented beautifully – Is this something you adhere too? Do your surrounds and outlook affect your productivity? 
Absolutely! When my studio is upside down I feel like I’m working in chaos! When Its organised I feel a lot calmer and relaxed.

What is your favourite pick from Mosey Me and why? 
Love your bed linen range and bathroom Matt, I’m drawn to the use of colours, but after sleeping in my mosey dooner cover and pillow cases I am hooked on how soft and cosy they are x

Rapid Fire Round

Day or Night? Day
Ocean or Bush? Ocean
Good Movie or Good Book? Good Movie
Silver or Gold? Gold
Gelato or Ice Cream? Gelato
Pink or Purple? Pink
Wine or Cocktail? Cocktail

You can check out Tyra’s beautiful Jewellery design here.

Tyra’s personal account is also stunningly curated and beautiful, you can check that out here.

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