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Mosey Loves Miss Trixie

Mosey Loves Miss Trixie

If you haven’t scrolled passed Alice’s Instagram account Miss Trixie Drinks Tea, you simply aren’t living! It is wall to wall filled with colour and sugar, just how she likes it. Alice creates decadent cakes with a sense of nostalgia and has brought her personality through in her signature range of pun cakes! There really is one for every occasion! We stumbled across Alice’s Instagram about 6 months ago and haven’t looked back, we just had to get to know the woman that makes those cakes! Read along and find out why Mosey Loves Miss Trixie.

What star sign are you?


Where do you live & why do you call this place home?

I live in Melbourne – born and bred. Melbourne is just one of the most incredible cities ever – I live for the hustle and bustle of this gorgeous city, the 7am smell of coffee beans and the vibrant dining scene.

What were you like growing up? What were your interests and hobbies?

Unsurprising, I loved to bake. I created my own baking shows and forced my neighbours to be my assistants in the show. When I wasn’t baking, I was often on the tennis court or in our backyard pool – I was a pretty active kid. I was also apart of school dramas regularly – I loved to act!

Tell us about your Miss Trixie! How did you get into baking? What inspired you to start Miss Trixie?

Food was always in my family. My Mum is a brilliant cook and always encouraged me to cook, bake and help her in the kitchen. I really loved it. As I got older, I wanted an outlet to express my creativity and road-test desserts, so Miss Trixie initially started a blog so I can show my friends and family what I had recently been cooking. It slowly moved from blog to cake decorating side hustle to full time biz!

Your cakes are like pieces of art, where do you find your creative inspiration for colour, design and all of the PUNS!?

Nostalgia drives most of what I do and create. I think people like to tap into joyful childhood memories and I like to bring a bit of that to my cakes. The pun cakes are paired with lollies that you would find in lolly bags at parties and I think that’s why people love them. That and a pun! I never realised how many people got around a pun! I also think life is worth living in colour and bright colour at that! I don’t settle for boring.

What has been a career highlight for you so far on your journey?

Gosh I don’t know! I feel like I have had quite a few pinch me moments. When I got in Broadsheet last year, I was overwhelmed with joy – it had been a goal of mine for so long!

What has been a career challenge you’ve faced?

Oooh navigating the financial aspects of a business. I find it super overwhelming! That and not really having a team – navigating a business by yourself is a hard slog, and can be incredibly lonely, so making time for friends and family and bouncing off your networks has helped me get through that.

Do you have a favourite cake flavour? If so, what is it?

My orange and almond cake, hands down. And I’m a chocolate girl, so that is saying something!

And lastly, what is your favourite piece from our Mosey Me range & why?

I am absolutely obsessed with the table cloths – they are just delicious and I love how they brighten a table!

Rapid Fire Round!

Sunrise or Sunset?


Ocean or Bush?


Good Movie or Good Book?

Book. Movie! Both!

Silver or Gold?


Salty or Sweet?

Sweet, obvs. But also Maldon Sea Salt is what I ride or die for. I put salt on ice-cream

Pink or Purple


Wine or Cocktail


Who’s the one person dead or alive you would want to have dinner with given the opportunity?!

Christina Tosi

Find Miss Trixie through her instagram below or treat yourself to one of her creations via her online store!



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