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Our Sourcing Story...

Our Sourcing Story...

Mosey Me prides itself on creating high quality products that are manufactured responsibly. After three years since our last visit (thanks Covid!), we were excited to be able to finally make the trip to India earlier this year. This was the first overseas trip for both of us since the pandemic and so we had a lot of ground to cover – how do you make up for 3 years of lost time?
We packed as much as possible into the 5-day trip, covering Delhi and Jaipur. We were grateful to spend time building new relationships as well as reconnecting with some of our long-standing partners.

Starting off in Delhi, we spent our first two days at a trade fair. Buyers from all around the world attend the fair to see all the different capabilities and techniques that India can offer across furniture, gifting and of course, textiles. It is a great way to discover new suppliers and see beautiful, innovative product and design. Having long been known as the leaders in textile manufacturing, India can do everything from beading to tufting, embroidery and printing. With inspiration all around us during the day, we would return to our hotel in the evening and get to work on the Summer ‘24 collection.

It was then time to hit the road and visit factories. These visits are important to ensure our brand is supporting responsible manufacturing. We see all parts of the factories, from the weaving of the fabric, the dying, cutting, and sewing. We meet the workers on the factory floor and see their working conditions. We put faces to names and learn more about the manufacturing processes, its challenges, and opportunities.

These visits provide us with greater visibility and insight into the nuances and intricacies of the various printing techniques. For example, we were able to try our hand at screen printing, and now have a greater appreciation of how difficult it is to achieve a consistent finish across the many meters of fabric that are printed by hand.


Once printed, the fabric is steamed to set the colour, before being hung to dry. This can prove difficult in Monsoon season when the weather is wet, and the humidity levels are high. But there are only a few places in India that have the skills and resources for screen printing, so you must deal with whatever weather is thrown at you. The minor imperfections in the printing process become part of the beauty and charm of the fabric, which has a high-quality finish with a handmade feel. 

But even before the printing can be done, the cotton or linen needs to be woven into fabric. Unlike fashion, bedding requires more specialised textile production due to the wider-than-average fabric width needed to produce quilt covers to fit King & Queen beds. This large fabric width is not purchased by the roll but rather it is custom made for us on machinery that unfortunately is not available in Australia. When you’re there it is easy to understand and appreciate how specialised the Indian textile industry has become, able to offer all kinds of manufacturing possibilities.
But the main thing we took away from our time there is the “human touch” that goes into making Mosey Me products. While of course there are weaving machines, sewing machines, and cutting machines, most of the process is still done by people – hands, minds and hearts putting their love and commitment into making each one and every piece. At the factory where our bathmats are made, it was mesmerising to watch the women spinning the dyed yarn in preparation for tufting. They moved so gracefully it was as if watching a dance or tai chi session in motion.
If you have visited India in the past, you will know that it is an assault on the senses – fast-paced, full of incredible food, breath-taking sights, and friendly and hard-working people. If you are yet to visit, we hope to inspire you to add it to your bucket list.

Jessie and Eliza xx

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