Early this year I departed on my annual trip to India to meet with our makers. For us these visits are really important to ensure our brand is supporting responsible manufacturing. It puts faces to names and keeps our lines of communication open, when we are on opposite sides of the world. Plus it's a great insight for me as the designer in better ways to communicate with my makers and understand their challenges and vice versa. 


Production in India is incredible for so many reasons. They truly are the leaders in all things textiles and the opportunities in this part of the world really are endless. 
The main reason we chose to produce our bedding offshore is, we require a larger than average fabric width to produce quilt covers to fit King & Queen beds. This large fabric width is not purchased by the role, it is custom made for us on machinery that is unfortunately not available in Australia. 



If you have visited India in the past you will know that it is fast paced, full of incredible food, challenging at times but most of all its culture and landscape is breathtaking. If you are yet to visit, we hope to inspire you to check it out (once travel is possible of course!).

During our time in India we spent our first week in Jaipur and our last week just north of Delhi. Here is a little look into what Mosey Me production looks like. 

We hope you enjoy it ! 
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