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Mosey Loves Camille Nichelini

Mosey Loves Camille Nichelini

Like many of my muses, I first stumbled across Camille via Instagram. At the time she was living in a small apartment in Koreatown, LA. The way Camille curated her space and the way in which she photographed it, made her home look like an ethereal dream space. She shared images of candy pink sunsets, draping sunlit curtains and perfectly curved archways. Camille’s own style really resonated with my infatuation with colour, interiors and personal style.


What star sign are you?

Where are you located and what do you do for a living?
I am in Los Angeles—my 9-5 job is working as a social media manager for a creative agency. However, I also recently started my own vintage decor business that is slowly taking off! I am also 'slowly' getting to the point where I can consider being an influencer my job, but I haven't taken the plunge yet to doing this full time.

How did you get onto your career path and how has it evolved?
I moved to Los Angeles to attend The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. After I graduated with my Visual Communications degree, I worked numerous different jobs from being an interior designers assistant, to visuals at Bloomingdales, and personal styling at Trunk Club. I'm still not quite sure what career path I'm on exactly, all I know is I enjoy creative work and seeing a result brought to life!

What does being a woman mean to you?
Being a woman to me means being strong, capable, valuable, and worthy of doing anything you set your mind to!

How would you describe your overall style? Personally/interiors
Haha—this is a tricky one for me. I'm a little bit all over the place so I wouldn't narrow myself down to one style exactly. As far as fashion goes I love anything colorful with a unique print or detail. For interiors—I love maintaining an 'airy' feeling to my space, but still try to incorporate bold pieces. 

I love your aesthetic and fell in love with your Koreatown apartment in downtown LA.Now I’ve watched (with many others) you transform your echo park home into an ethereal dream like space with light reflections bouncing off every wall and what feels like an eternal sunset outside your windows! What is important to you when creating a space?
Surrounding yourself with pieces you truly love. If you see it and it speaks to you, that's a great sign you will enjoy it in your space. I no longer impulse buy pieces for my home just because they are on sale or a good deal at the store. I want to fall in love with everything I add to my home and imagine myself with it for years and years.

Fashion and style appear to play an important role in your life, did you find your interior style come naturally or is it something you had to work at to develop? For me working on Mosey in an aesthetically pleasing place is pretty crucial, it helps me tap into my creativity and dream big. What does having a beautiful space mean to you?
I can remember being 7 years old and my mom getting annoyed at me because I LOVED rearranging my bedroom every single week. You could hear the constant screech of furniture being pushed around on the hardwood floors (which I'm pretty sure I destroyed). It's definitely something that has always come naturally and I've continued to develop over time. I love making my space beautiful, it's my biggest passion in life. I know most people only see the photos I post, but the most magical moments are waking up in the morning, having coffee, and sitting on the couch with the beautiful lighting streaming in. 

Being in such a digitally connected world (especially with your work) how do you tap out and what does self care look like to you?
It's definitely important for me to put down my phone and just not touch it from time to time. It gets to be A LOT sometimes, so self care is definitely important. I love going for walks around the neighbourhood, bubble baths with candles (cliche I know), movies with wine and face masks. All that jazz.

What/who are your biggest inspirations right now?
I love @AlyssaInTheCity, it's cool seeing someone so successful and similar in age to me living her dream! 

What’s your favourite room in the house?
100% my living room. My bedroom is nowhere near how I want it yet haha!

What are 3 quick fixes to creating a dreamy room or space?
Airy curtains, mirrors reflecting against the windows (doubles the lighting in your space, when in doubt—get a disco ball!

Rapid Fire Round

Day or Night? Day
Ocean or Desert? Ocean
Good Movie or Good Book? Good Movie
Silver or Gold? Gold
Gelato or Ice Cream? Gelato
Pink or Purple? Purple
Wine or Cocktail? Wine

And lastly What is your favourite pick from Mosey Me and why?
My Salento Set in Wine/Orchid—such a fun pattern, but somehow still matches everything in the room!

Find Camille @camillelenore

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