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A new chapter in the Mosey Me story

A new chapter in the Mosey Me story

We’re excited to share a development in the Mosey Me journey, with the appointment of Jessie Metz as our new Commercial Director. Jessie has been working on Mosey Me behind the scenes for several years, but now has dived headfirst into the new role of investor and equal business partner to Creative Director and founder, Eliza. 

Jessie comes from the world of fashion buying and retail strategy, working with both global and local brands in Hong Kong, Sydney and London. Now settled back in her hometown of Melbourne with her family, she has jumped into the world of homewares and textiles with gusto. 

“I am extremely excited to be joining the Mosey Me family, helping to deliver exciting, playful and joyous products to our customers. I’ve been a lover of the brand for many years now, and it is a privilege to call the Brunswick studio my new work home!” 

This change to the business structure will allow Mosey Me to grow and expand, ensuring that we can deliver fresh, exciting collections and expand our range into new product categories. This starts with the launch of our summer collection, coming very soon.  

From Eliza - “I’m so excited to have Jessie onboard with Mosey Me. I truly believe collaboration is key for growing and developing and this feels like the perfect time to dive right in. I’m excited to bring more to the Mosey range and give our customers what they love the most - colourful homewares from a female-led business.” 

Quick Fire Questions with Jessie

Best thing about living in Melbourne?

I've lived in a few different cities and countries in my adult life, and being back in Melbourne now I think I have a much better appreciation for the food scene. We really have some of the best restaurants and cafes! There's so much to choose from.

What would your last meal on earth be?

Lamb ragu pasta, a couple of glasses of red wine and a sticky date pudding for dessert.

What are you currently listening to?

Birdy's latest album, "Beautiful Lies"

What's your guilty pleasure?

Magnum Ego ice creams! They are my go-to treat after a long day.

Favourite season and why?

I'm definitely a summer lover! I love swimming and just everything that comes with longer days and warm nights. Plus summer fashion is just so easy and fun - I live in printed dresses and sandals.

What do you do to recharge?

Between running a business and looking after a toddler (I've got a 14month old), I'm usually pretty exhausted by the end of the day. Once the baby is in bed and the housework is done, I love soaking in a (very) hot bath. I usually come out all red and prune-y but I love it! Hot yoga and Pilates are also must-do's for me to keep me healthy mentally and physically.

Favourite Mosey Me piece?

There's no way I can choose just one! From the current collection I think I'd have to pick the Clay tablecloth. I love hosting dinner parties and I'm in love with this print - so moody and inviting. From the new collection I'd have to pick the new bathroom pieces...they're luxuriously soft and the prints are just so fun.

Shop our Clay collection here 

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