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Being Mosey, when I started dreaming up the summer collection, I knew there would be a nod to florals somewhere. Nature always inspires our prints - whether its gardens, falling leaves, fields or a freshly cut bouquet of flowers. 

For this collection I took inspiration from imagery of Scandinavian flower fields. I wanted a continuous tonal print of flowers - to emulate a field of flowers. I had this image in my head of wildflowers that pop up amongst long dry grass. The simple repetition feels like those rolling hills covered in flowers in spring - a welcome farewell to the bare winter fields.

Following in my signature simplistic approach to drawing, I wanted the poppy to have a bold graphic feel. A little rough around the edges and not the perfect shape. It's supposed to feel relaxed and laid back, like the casual Australian vibe.


Original drawing on with Ink

In the Tableware I wanted a large-scale, oversized feel as I love a table with bold personality. The palette of warm yellow and pastel pink is inspired by Australian sunsets. It was specifically designed to be enjoyed under a setting sun. I pictured casual BBQ's and outdoor dining: Australian summer vibes. 


When I designed the Poppy graphic, I knew it was a versatile print that would work well in several iterations, so it felt right to put in on bedding too. For the bedding I pulled the scale right back to give the feel of the flower fields, a more relaxed and subtle vibe. The pink was chosen as it feels like a Mosey take on a neutral; it's soft and suits the feeling of a bedroom vibe. I particularly love it contrasted with the tan stripe, it's unexpected yet works well. When we were showing this print to the team, and particularly when shooting it on location a few people said it reminded them of dessert or candy in some way. While that wasn’t the intention to start with, we love the connotations it conjures – sweetness, joy and playfulness. Perfectly Mosey.

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