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Behind the Camera

Behind the Camera

Take a look behind the scenes at our most recent Mosey Me collection photoshoot! Our all female team work their magic to create a cosy, dreamy, 70's inspired aesthetic to showcase our new collection of print driven homewares, you know and love. 


Location - 

Coastal Luxe in ST Andrews Beach 

This modernist inspired getaway will take your breath away. The space is light and fresh, filled with the most effortlessly curated artefacts from different moments in time. We chose this location to give our new collection the feeling of home. We wanted to share with you not only our newest creations in design, colour and print but also style this new collection into a space that felt truly at home to us.

You can check out Coastal Luxe's Instagram here
Design Files also did a Coastal Luxe feature and it is truly stunning!


Meet the Team - 

Styling by Sophie Panton from Made for Studio @madefor_studio
Photography by Jana Langhorst @jana_langhorst

We work with some of the best in the business! We absolutely could not do this without out amazing team of women who work together to bring these photoshoots together. 

Each final shot you see has been lovingly styled by Sophie from Made for Studio. Sophie spends countless hours acquiring the perfect pieces to bring the collection to life. Everything you see has been chosen to add colour, texture and form to tell a story and compliment the collection.

None of this would exist without the amazingly talented eye of Jana. Working predominantly as a food photographer, Jana is the extremely talented photographer behind the last few Mosey shoots and we are so happy we found her! With an eye for the perfect light and composition, each shot has been perfected, photographed and edited by the lovely Jana, we think she is nothing short of amazing.


The Collection - 

This new Mosey collection has been designed throughout some of the most transition times in our lives and we cannot wait to share it with you.

The initial concepts for this collection came together during the pandemic, where everything felt uncertain and unstable. Doing what we love provided us with some sense of normalcy and was the light in a time of darkness.

Our designer Eliza also birthed her beautiful daughter, Peach Moon. Welcoming mini Mosey into the world has been an incredible transition for Mosey Me and we are truly so excited to share this collection with you.

This is a little sneak peek of what is to come.
The pieces you see here will be launching over the next few months.
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