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Mosey Loves Danni Duncan

Mosey Loves Danni Duncan

If you’re sick of the Instagram highlight reel and looking for a little substance through the sea of superficiality, we strongly suggest you spend some time with the lovely Danni Duncan.

I came across Danni, flicking through Instagram and her style stopped me in my tracks. If you could sum up Danni’s aesthetic into words, dreamy pastel heaven comes to mind.

I quickly realised that I was drawn to Danni not just for her dreamy content but the deeper issues she openly talks about such as body image, the importance of not working for free and being an advocate for slow fashion, just to name a few.

Danni has also been a huge supporter of our community here in the Mosey studio, working with our best mates in the biz Lois Hazel and Simetrie.

Read on to get a little taster as to why we are on Danni's team.

What star sign are you?
I’m a Gemini

Where are you located?
My husband and I recently moved to Napier in the North Island of New Zealand. It’s known for being the Art Deco capital which is just perfect for me and the style I adore.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?
I work full time for myself doing a few different things. My main bread and butter is Instagram influencing, but I also write for a magazine, sell vintage clothing and have started doing some social media consulting. Up until recently I had a sustainable and ethical e-commerce shop, called Slow Muse Store, but have just finished that up.



How did you find yourself in the world of fashion?
Growing up I was a huge fast fashion shopper and very much followed whatever was trending, however, over the past five years I have really developed my own individual style, leaning into my passion for vintage, thrifting and also my love of colour. Sustainability and ethics within the fashion industry is also something I love to learn and speak about and this definitely is a huge factor whenever I buy anything new.

In an Instagram world full of verniers you seem to shine through as a real talking creator who is genuinely passionate about the work they create and the brands you choose to work with. Has this been a conscious decision or something that has taken time to perfect?
100% been a conscious decision but still one I’m figuring out as I go. So I guess to answer your question it’s both. Naturally as a human I’m gonna make mistakes but I very much want to ensure my space on Instagram is as authentic and honest as I can make it.

What has been a career highlight for you so far on your journey?
This might sound a little lacklustre but signing to an agency has actually been a real highlight for me. I’m someone who gives 100% to everything I do but at the same time social media gives me a lot of anxiety, so having an agency say that they believe in me and want to back me has been amazing. It’s also awesome to be signed by an agency who really care about my purpose and passion on Instagram, that was a non negotiable for me.

What has been a career challenge you’ve faced?
My store, Slow Muse Store, which I’ve just decided to close. Goodness it was a challenge! I went into it with a lot of passion, but very naive as to just how much money, time and forward thinking needs to be committed in order to see an e-commerce site succeed, and unfortunately my passion just wasn’t enough. I feel really good about making the decision to end it though. It’s taught me a lot and experiences are always so valuable.



Now to your beautiful home. What is your favourite room in your home and why?
At the moment it’s our lounge, where almost every piece of furniture has been thrifted. We have a Tessa T4 couch set, a gorgeous vintage rug, an art deco coffee table, original cesca dining chairs and a huge retro mirror. It’s also filled with heaps of plants which makes it extra homely.

Do you have a favourite piece in your home? If so, why?
This changes all the time, but for now it’s my cesca chairs. I had been wanting some for ages and was about to fork out the big bucks to buy some replicas and then a friend of mine happened to find some original vintage ones for $60 each. They do need a little bit of work done on them but they are so loved and I will never let them go.

What are the specific things you look for when you are purchasing pieces for your home?
I don’t have one true style but tend to gravitate to the more 1970s/1980s furniture pieces and then finish it off with beautiful pastel soft furnishings. That’s where my love for colour shines through. I can be quite picky as to what comes into our home as I don’t like clutter and mess and at the moment I’m after a floor standing lamp. I’ll know what I want when I see it and until then it’s just the fun of the hunt :)

And lastly, what is your favourite piece from our Mosey Me range and why?
I’m so in love with our new duvet and it has definitely lifted the cosy feel to our bedroom. I’m one of those people who likes to just look and admire my space and as you can see the bed from the dining table I’m constantly admiring it.


Rapid Fire Round

Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset - I don’t get up in time for the sunrise haha
Ocean or Forest? Ocean
Good Movie or Good Book? Book for sure
Silver or Gold? Gold
Salty or Sweet? Sweet
Pink or Purple? I want to say purple but only if you allow the word Lilac - purple in my opinion is ugly haha
Wine or Cocktail? uh can I have both?

Who’s the one person dead or alive you would have dinner with given the opportunity?!
I know this is probably considered a boring answer, but honestly, my family! Anytime I’m with them I feel completely myself, safe and at peace.


 Find Danni @danni___duncan

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