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The Half Moon | Behind the Print

The Half Moon | Behind the Print

Our latest print The Half Moon is special to me for so many reasons. I actually painted it while pregnant with my now five-month old daughter Peach Moon, the original #BabyMosey. A lot of times when painting, I’ll overthink it - question if it makes sense or will turn into something for Mosey Me - but doing so while pregnant made the process so much more intuitive for me. There was no second guessing myself. I just went with the flow. It was a delightful side effect. 

It turned into this beautiful art print and now after a handful of iterations, it has evolved into the Half Moon print and the face of our new tableware collection. Swoooon. 

The journey from print to linen is so interesting in working to achieve the right colours and flow in fabric form. I’m so happy with how it’s turned out. 


For the initial piece I painted with gouache, playing around with colours and texture, keeping the lines quite opaque and thick, really exploring shape and form. 

From there I had an idea of what I was liking and wanted to try out different colours, which led to a second version of the piece and was the one I brought into print. 

The art print was very similar to the original, but I made the colours a little less intense. 

From there, we turned the art print into a repeat on fabric so it could be printed on yardage and adapted to our new collection of tableware. 

The colours and shape came out just beautifully don’t you think? We hope you love it as much as we do.




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