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Behind The Scenes: Mosey Towels

Behind The Scenes: Mosey Towels

Like most things in life, good things take time. We have been dreaming of creating towels for a good 3 years. Towels felt like the next natural step for Mosey – our bathmats are so fun and easy that it made sense to expand this category and create products to go with them in the same space.

But being a business committed to responsible manufacturing, we took our time to find the right manufacturer to partner with on this new category. It was imperative for us to ensure all the people in the supply chain are paid a living wage, that the whole process is ethical and that the raw materials used are kinder to the planet.

Ultimately, we found a fantastic partner in Portugal who really care about their employees and producing quality products. We are so proud that this collection features towels made from organic cotton, and as we expand and grow, we will continue to focus on improving the selection of raw materials used at Mosey Me.

Sewing and trimming at the factory

When it came to designing towelling, Eliza was led in some part by the production process itself. As the design is woven into the towel as opposed to printed onto fabric, there are some limitations with how intricate and layered designs can be. So, Eliza leaned into a more simplistic aesthetic, with cleaner graphic shapes and using colour to create contrast.

“I wanted the towels to feel fun so having a playful vibe was essential. But I also wanted to create prints that felt versatile; I still wanted them to be able to match back with other solid-coloured towels people might already have in their bathroom.”  

“The flowerbed print was created 2.5 years ago when the sampling process started so I’ve been staring at that design for ages. The wiggle came to fruition late last year and has only grown more and more on me each day. I love the way it looks wrapped around the body or up around your hair. It reminds me of some sort of berry swirl dessert.”    


Flowerbed towelling before being cut and sewn to size

 Receiving videos of the fabric being woven felt like a dream come true and getting to touch and feel the samples when they arrived in the studio was another proud moment. From pipe dream to a soft and fluffy reality, Mosey Me towels are here to stay.

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