Introducing Mosey Classics

Introducing Mosey Classics

“Good design is seasonless”

As the years go on and we refine our brand aesthetic, what we stand for and what we want the future of Mosey Me to look like, it’s becoming increasingly clear that first and foremost we are a design-led business. We’re all about designing pieces for in and around the home that stand the test of time. So why should a particular pattern or print appear one season, and never again?
If you’ve been a Mosey lover for a while, you may have noticed prints popping up over the years across different product categories, in different colourways or different scales. We’re here to tell you that this design ethos is here to stay. We believe good design is seasonless. And so, we’ve been creating a Mosey archive of designs that feel timeless, joyful and have been loved by you, our community. We want our customers to recognise a Mosey Me print out in the wild – to have such a distinctive design handwriting, that it’s easy to spot a Mosey Me piece.
And so we are excited to introduce the first of our “Mosey Classics”. Keep your eyes open as this library evolves, and be sure to tell us which of your favourite prints you’d like us to add to the collection
Eliza + Jessie
You might remember this delightful, abstract floral print from our Summer 22/23 collection. This print appeared across both bedding and tableware that season, and you guys LOVED her. So much so that we brought her back in the form of a bathmat for Summer 23/24, and most recently in our beautiful moody olive linen iteration in Clover. Each version has been more beloved than the last, and so we think she’s going to stick around. Explore the Poppy print here
Contemporary yet ageless, Flowerbed is another Mosey print that we’ve added to our Classics. First appearing in our bathroom collection as a retro, 70’s inspired bathmat, and then quickly followed by a version in towels, the simple yet striking appeal of this design instantly struck a chord with the Mosey community. For Winter 23 we made her bigger and better, creating a large-scale version perfect for our reversible printed bedding. The cooler colour palette perfectly complimented the feminine print, creating a style that seems to be the quiet achiever in our bedding collection. For Clover, we have brought out a new colourway in our bathroom range, speaking to the season yet sitting easily alongside all the other versions of this print. Explore Flowerbed here
One of the OG Mosey prints, this abstract geometric print first made an appearance in the original Mosey tableware collection. This print really showed its versatility when we brought a version of her into the bathroom, with our Pebble bathmat. The oversized graphic in pistachio and cream proved to be a shapeshifter of sorts – able to seamlessly integrate with a variety of interior aesthetics and design sensibilities. The most natural progression for this print was in our organic cotton towels, to complete the bathroom story and provide a unisex option to our towelling range. Finally, this season we have taken Pebble one step further by creating a multi-coloured, large-scale version of the print for our knitted throw and cushion. Expect to see Pebble again and again in seasons to come. Explore Pebble here.

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