Mosey Loves: Urban Antidote

Mosey Loves: Urban Antidote

We are very excited to introduce our latest muse in our Mosey Loves series, Anastasia from Urban Antidote. 

Eliza stumbled across the beautiful work of Anastasia a year ago, and knew that she wanted to collaborate with the aesthete. She was inspired by the fellow Melbournian's keen eye for colour and shape, and after connecting over social media, Eliza met Anastasia for a morning coffee to learn more about the florist and her creative process.

Anastasia sitting on the bed, holding a flower and wearing the Meadow Apron by Mosey MeAnastasia on location at her latest campaign shoot in the Dandenong Ranges. Surrounded by Mosey Me Bedding

How did you become a florist? And how did you develop your floral style?

I started playing around with flowers at home during Covid, and things developed from there. When people tell me I have a distinct style, I am always intrigued because I don’t have much of a method. I follow my nose, do what feels natural, and go with what looks good to my eye. Colour and shape are important to me, and I think that shows in my work.

Where do you draw inspiration from in your work, home and life in general?
I’m inspired by people, especially entrepreneurs. How they live their lives, chase a dream, do something really well, or recover from a setback is very inspiring to me. For me, it's fuel and proof that I can do anything I want.
The Caker, Jordan Rondel, has a quote that says you can’t be taught by someone how to be an entrepreneur; you try new things, push yourselves, and most importantly, create, create, create. I love this ethos, and I love when I see it in someone else.

What is your favourite aspect of being a florist? What’s the hardest part?
One of my favourite parts of the job is going to the flower markets. I am a very visual person, so it’s difficult for me to just pre-order everything, as I need to see how all the colours look when combined. Most of the time, I go in and hand-select each bunch.
Details like quirky bends in stems or subtle differences in colour tones are massive for me and a big part of what I think makes my designs unique. I spend an absurd amount of time at the markets selecting florals, but it’s a crucial part of my process. If I get that right, the rest is usually smooth sailing.
Paradoxically, the hardest part for me is waking up early to get to the markets.

What has been a career highlight for you so far on your journey?
In 2020 when I first started my floral exploration, I applied for the McQueen’s International Flower School Scholarship in London. The application involved submitting an essay and a portfolio of work. I purchased flowers from the supermarket and did a photo shoot in my bedroom in the depths of a Melbourne lockdown.
I was fortunate enough to be named a finalist and to win a scholarship to attend McQueen’s Flower School in London. When I learned that I had received this award, I was elated. It was the first time that I felt genuine excitement and happiness for an achievement and from there I started the process of course-correcting my life to live as a creative.
From that day onwards there have been so many “pinch me” moments working with incredible creatives and brands that I have idolised. It all still seems surreal.

Afternoon tea table setting featuring pink flowers, a naked cake on a platter and Mosey Me's Lilac Dot tableclothUrban Antidote florals adorning the Lilac Dot tablecloth.

What’s the next project on the horizon / what are you most excited for in 2024?
More floral workshops! I absolutely love doing them and feel like through trial and error we have got a really good thing going. Watch this space!

How do you fill your creative cup and recharge?
I really try my best to maintain a sense of balance in my life. I believe that no amount of success is worthwhile if you don’t have time to relax and enjoy life. Even when I am super busy, if I need to prioritise self-care, I do. The work always gets done, and it gets done well when you are energized and well-rested. For me, this looks like long walks, podcasts, reading, online shopping, meditation and honestly the list goes on and on, so I’ll stop there.
I have just started reading Julia Cameron’s book, "The Artist’s Way." The program consists of writing morning pages daily and an artist’s date once a week, which is a solo expedition to explore something that interests you. This week, I have decided to go shopping for paints to just play around with colour at home.

Urban Antidote setting the table with her floral creationsAnastasia decorating a cake with her florals, wearing the Meadow Apron.

What does a typical day in your life look like at the moment?
No two days are ever the same for me running Urban Antidote; however, on non-event days, I always start my morning with a walk to my local coffee shop to get a coffee, usually listening to Taylor Swift, and then commence working on the never-ending admin list that consists of emails, quotes, designing mood boards for clients, and more.
I exercise around midday and then usually cook lunch at home. I pop into my boyfriend’s office frequently to give updates on how my day is going. Throughout the day, I have about 100 ideas for the business. I am a dreamer, and I get side-tracked easily. Inspiration strikes at terribly inconvenient times; however, I welcome it.
By the time it gets to the evening, I force myself to stop working and usually go for a walk, enjoy a delicious dinner, watch MAFS, and read. I love my everyday life a lot.

What are the specific things you look for when purchasing pieces for your home?
I like to buy high quality second-hand furniture and mix in modern playful pieces from small designer brands to treasure for a lifetime.

Florist Anastasia from Urban Antidote holding a bouquet of pink flowers and wearing the Mosey Me Raspberry Stripe Apron.Anastasia holding one of her bouquets, wearing the Raspberry Stripe Apron.

And lastly, what is your favourite piece from the Mosey Me range & why?
I am going to be cheeky and choose two because I adore all things Mosey Me!
First, the raspberry stripe apron. I love a cute apron and for me it’s an essential item in my line of work. At my workshops I bring my collection that I thrifted in Chiang Mai last year, and everyone chooses one to wear. I love adding to the already over the top collection I have going.
Second, the meadow quilted throw. I absolutely adore the meadow print and the colours used. It’s a busy design yet I find it combines effortlessly with all colours and prints, including busy ones.

Mosey Me Meadow Quilted ThrowThe most romantic bed featuring the Meadow Quilted Throw.

It seems only fitting to feature Anastasia's romantic florals on Galentine's Day, a day we love to celebrate here at Mosey Me. You can learn more about Urban Antidote over on her website.


Rapid Fire Round!

Sunrise or Sunset? Sunrise 
1. Ocean or Country? Country 
2. Good Movie or Good Book? Book
3. Silver or Gold? Gold
4. Salty or Sweet? I have to say, both! 
5. Pink or Purple? Pink 
6. Wine or Cocktail? I’m going to break the rules here and say soju, specifically peach!
7. Who’s the one person dead or alive you would want to have dinner with given the
Helle Mardahl, I have always been so inspired by her design, use of colour, sense of style
and business.
When I was in Copenhagen in 2022, I visited her studio and purchased a few precious items
from her bon bon signature range that I carefully carried around Europe in my hand luggage.
It was an outrageous move as they are extremely delicate. I treasure my bon bons; they
remind me that creative work is important, and your work could be inspiring someone in the
most unexpected way on the other side of the world.

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