Mosey Me X The Social Studio

Mosey Me X The Social Studio

As a female-led business, Mosey Me is committed to lifting other women up. Female empowerment is one of our core values, and we believe in the good karma that results from supporting each other. We do this in a variety of ways, including spotlighting amazing women creatives in our Mosey Loves series, collaborating with other female-led business, or supporting charities that are focused on the welfare of women.⁠ Which is why we were so excited to partner with Melbourne-based not-for-profit The Social Studio to manufacture our new bucket hats!⁠

Mosey Me reversible cotton bucket hats
Bucket hats being sewn at the Social Studio production house in Collingwood Yards
Part educator, part retailer and part production house, The Social Studio uses fashion and creativity to create work and learning opportunities for Melbourne's refugee and new migrant communities. This social enterprise teaches refugees and new migrants sewing, pattern making and other manufacturing techniques in their school, allowing these (mostly) women to learn invaluable skills to help them gain economic independence.

The Social Studio production house
Once completing their training, some of these women go on to work in the production house, where the Social Studio works with a variety of Australian brands and organisations on in-house manufacturing.

women working at the social studio
When we decided to bring bucket hats into the range, we jumped at the opportunity to manufacture locally and responsibly via this incredible organisation. We visited their Collingwood Yards production house to meet the women who constructed our reversible bucket hats, and it was such a privilege. The space is open and inclusive, giving everyone who works there a positive and safe place to come to everyday.

Bucket hat manufacturing
Production manager, Lois, testing our Fleur/Dot bucket hat for fit.
We are so proud that through our beautiful new accessories we were able to support this amazing organisation, local manufacturing, and live our brand’s values. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Jessie + Eliza

Learn more about the Social Studio over on their website
Explore our bucket hats here

Mosey Me bucket hats

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