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Behind The Print: Whitewash

Behind The Print: Whitewash

For those Mosey lovers out there that have been with us for a while, you might recognise this print. It originated in 2019 as part of the Salento collection and was an instant best-seller.

Whitewash tableware
Whitewash Napkins, Placemat Set and Tablecloth

Intended to replicate the little waves that lap at your feet on the water’s edge, the vision was to capture the blissful state one falls into whilst on holidays and nurture that mood in our private spaces, allowing us to forever cultivate that holiday flow.

Drawing inspiration from the beautiful surroundings of the Puglia region in Southern Italy, Eliza has breathed new life into the Whitewash print with an updated colour palette. While the sky blue and olive might seem an unusual pairing at first, the cool tones and Mediterranean sensibility produces a striking, yet subtle result.

Whitewash apron, oven mitt and cushion
Whitewash Apron, Oven Mitt and Cushion

“I love this design so much for its simplicity, its modern feel and the reference in which it was designed from. While originally inspired by Italy, this print fits easily into the context of summer in Australia - our beautiful beaches, long sunny days and lush landscapes.”

Explore the collection here.

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