Mosey Loves Jameen

Mosey Loves Jameen

We caught up with Jameen Zalfen, one half of cult fashion label Dyspnea, in her Brunswick abode earlier this year to chat all things biz and what inspires her and co founder Rachel to create of the most magical and sparkly brands out there, Dyspnea! Jump onto our blog to tour her gorgeous home and find out why Mosey Loves Jameen Zalfen!

What star sign are you?


Where do you live & why do you call this place home?

Melbourne/Naarm at the moment. I’m fortunate to call many places home. Bali/WA/Melbs.

What were you like growing up?

What were your interests and hobbies? I was blessed with a twin sister and we were inseparable. We grew up by the beach, spent every light hour outside, exploring and making potions etc.

Tell us about your business Dyspnea. How did you get into the fashion industry? What inspired you and your co-founder Rachel to start the cult label?

I was very fond of drawing clothes when I was younger and my dad thought I was good and encouraged me to pursue that passion. I enrolled in TAFE and moved to Perth and met Rach in our last year of Advanced Textiles and the rest is history!


Where do you find your creative inspiration?

It really depends. Travelling, movies, friends, the company you keep!

Dyspnea has built such an amazing loyal fanbase who are knows as Dyspets which span the world! At what point did you notice your brand was starting to gain some serious traction?

Was it a slow and steady build or was there a tipping point that put you on the map? I would say we have been slow and steadyish. We look around us and watch brands blow up over night but comparison is a killer and everyone’s on their own journey.


 What has been a career highlight for you so far on your journey?
Meeting and working alongside like minded creatives. It really drives and inspires us.

What has been a career challenge you’ve faced with Dyspnea?
Cash flow! They should teach this in school!

What is your favourite room in your home and why?
My living room. It’s big and open and filled with natural light all day round and has all my favourite possessions in there.

Do you have a favourite piece in your home?If so, what is it and why?

My Soda fountain vase. I saved up for this precious piece. It’s made and painted by hand.

What are the specific things you look for when you are purchasing pieces for your home? 

Where it’s made, who made it, will I love it forever?

And lastly, what is your favourite piece from our Mosey Me range & why?

The bath mat! Just walking into my bathroom each morning and seeing that colourful joyful rug makes me smile.


Rapid Fire 

Sunrise or Sunset?


Ocean or Forest?


Good Movie or Good Book?

Good Book

Silver or Gold?


Salty or Sweet?


Pink or Purple?


Wine or Cocktail?


3 songs you couldn’t live without?

Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Adele and the Cranberries! Don’t make me choose songs and limit me to 3. I like to belt my lungs out in the shower if you can’t tell.

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