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Product Spotlight: The Everyday Quilt Cover Set

Product Spotlight: The Everyday Quilt Cover Set
Our latest bedding release, the Everyday Quilt Cover Set, might seem like a simple solid-dyed style. But just like every piece in the Mosey Me collection, a lot of consideration, love, and creativity has gone into its creation. Eliza and Jessie share what makes the Everyday Quilt Cover Set so special.

Mosey Me Everyday quilt cover set in Rose Latte
The Everyday Quilt Cover Set in Rose Latte

If you’ve followed Mosey Me for a while now, you probably know what to expect – bold, graphic prints, lots of colour and often a nod to florals and pink. So, it might have come as a surprise to see our latest Winter bedding. But it wasn’t released by accident. Affectionately called the “Everyday” Quilt Cover Set, this design has been almost a year in the making.

The two colourways, Rose Latte and Vanilla Sky, feature complementary hues and were carefully chosen to pair back with the other bedding prints in the range. “For a while now, I’ve wanted to create our version of a ‘neutral’ or ‘basic’ range, something that our community could use to pair and layer with our bolder prints,” Eliza shares. “It also gives an option for the customer who might be new to Mosey Me and a little bit intimidated by printed textiles, so just wants to dip their toe in.” As with all Mosey bedding, they are 100% reversible to offer two looks in one, and feature a printed piping to add dimension.

Printed piping on Everyday pillowcases

As well as having a thoughtfully considered design aesthetic, the Everyday Quilt Cover Set reflects Mosey Me’s commitment to exceptional quality and responsible manufacturing. Made from deadstock fabric sourced in India, the four solid-dyed colours are 100% cotton sateen and range from 600 to 1000 thread count, making them extremely soft and luxurious.

“I’m obsessed with the Everyday styles”, Jessie says. “They feel like the type of linen you would get at a 5-star hotel, which makes sleeping in them at home feel extra special”.

Mosey Me Everyday quilt cover set in Vanilla Sky, with blue and yellow sides displayed
The Everyday Quilt Cover Set in Vanilla Sky

Mosey Me are proud to have used deadstock fabric for these styles. By giving a second life to this leftover fabric, we are doing our bit to combat the problem of textile waste. This does however come with limitations, specifically in terms of the quantities produced. With a limited amount of fabric available, we could only produce the Vanilla Sky and Rose Latte styles in our most popular bedding sizes, and do not offer the usual range of sheets and pillowcase sets that are offered in the printed styles.

“While this style is a limited release product, we hope our community appreciates the love and consideration that has gone into it’s creation,” Eliza explains. “And hopefully we can do new versions of the same idea in future seasons, preventing more fabric from ending up in landfill and creating beautiful products in the process.”

Explore the Everyday Quilt Cover Sets here.

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