Summer holiday calling? 10 Airbnbs We Can't Stop Drooling Over

Summer holiday calling? 10 Airbnbs We Can't Stop Drooling Over

We're going to preface this post by saying we aren’t multi-millionaires. We’re also not delusional and think that we’re going to necessarily be traveling internationally this summer. All that said, from our endlessly locked down corner of the world here in Melbourne, we decided to take a one hour escape on Airbnb and find the homes that have us craving for summer, travel and adventure. We figured if we can't hop on a plane at the moment, we might as well daydream about it! Plus looking at pretty homes is one of our favourite past times.

Here are 10 breathtakingly fabulous homes we came across that have us counting down the days to when we can finally take a holiday!  

1. Arrakis amongst the dunes - Dolphin Sands, Tasmania, Australia

Arrakis amongst the dune

With 360-degree views and limited reception, this geometric dome appears to be the perfect place to reset. And it's not too far from Melbourne, so this one isn't completely unrealistic for us to dream about!

Click here to have a look. 

2. Gertrude's Apartment - Melbourne, Victoria

Gertrude's Apartment

This chic treat of an apartment based in Fitzroy is the spot we have our eye on for a cute staycation one of these days and it would be absolutely perfect for the out-of-towner looking to explore the city. With its bright, happy colours and unique design accents, it would be such a lovely space to relax and spark your creativity. 

Click here to have a look.

3. Elysian Retreat - Long Island, Whitsundays 

Whitsundays Retreat

Private island anyone? According to its description, this is the most secluded island retreat in the Whitsundays, surrounded by rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. With 10 bedrooms, it can apparently accommodate 16 guests. So, we're just going to start rounding up our friends now. 

Click here to have a look. 

4. Pamina - Positano, Naples, Italy


This might be the most unattainable one on our list (somehow we stumbled onto Airbnb Luxe...), so we are starting to manifest ourselves sitting in the charming private terrace sipping a glass of red, overlooking Positano Beach. From its vibrant interior to its luscious exterior, this 17th-century coastal villa with cliffside gardens is an absolute dream. 

Click here to have a look.

5. The Brookie - Phoenicia, New York

The Brookie

The Brookie is one of two newly renovated 1950s cabins in the heart of the gorgeous Catskills, and it has us dreaming of sitting by the fire with a glass of wine and not a care in the world. Along a stream, we envision indulging in long walks by day and retreating to into cosy bliss by night. 

Click here to have a look.

6. Cave House - Cordoba, Spain

The Cave

If you're looking for a unique but relaxing experience, this Cave House is it. It is in fact a redesigned home in a cave, which apparently dates back to the Roman era. From its earthy design to widespread garden, it looks absolutely enchanting. 

Click here to have a look.

7. Fella - Canggu, Bali, Indonesia


What we wouldn't give to whisk ourselves away to Bali right now! This newly renovated villa with tropical vibes and a South American touch would be our first stop and we'd never want to leave. One guest called it a slice of heaven and we have no doubt, we'd agree. 

Click here to have a look.

8. Kalle's Inn Glasshouses - Mustasaari, Finland

Igloos in Finland

Beautiful scenery, check. Sauna and hot tub, check. A once in a lifetime experience, check. These unique prism glasshouses overlooking The Gulf of Bothnia look incredible, and it doesn't even matter the time of year you go. In the winter, you have the chance to catch the Northern lights and in the summer, the midnight sun.

Click here to have a look.

9. Lakeview Lodge - San Marcos La Laguna, Solola, Guatemala

Lakeview Lodge

This cottage has such stunning views that we think we might need to visit just to prove that these photos are real. This was apparently the #3 most liked Airbnb on Instagram in the world in 2020 and we can see why! Built on a hillside above Lake Atitlan, we envision ourselves lounging there in the hammock without a care in the world. 

10. Skylodge Adventure Suites - Urubamba Peru


Waking up on a cliffside is certainly something that any of us have experienced in the last couple of years and we think we're ready for it. This might not be the most glamorous stay but it would probably be the most epic. Located in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, these little capsules quite literally hang from the top of the mountain and you have to hike or climb to reach them.

Click here to have a look.

We hope you enjoyed this little escape as much as we did. These latest lockdowns have been pretty tough for us, but reminding ourselves of all the amazing places in the world has certainly helped. 

Xx Mosey 

P.S. Share your travel photos with us on Instagram. We'd love to live vicariously through you! 

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