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The Abstract | Behind the Print

The Abstract | Behind the Print

The Abstract Print

As with all our collections, our latest Abstract Print has been a bit of an adventure. I wanted a beautiful and approachable print for someone who loved our Garden print, but perhaps would like something a bit more peaceful and understated. 

I started, as always, with an initial mood board with colours, styles and prints that inspired me and gave the same vibe I wanted to achieve. I then created my second mood board where I played with different paint strokes, weights and colours. You can see the version of the Abstract that ended up on our tableware coming alive in the top left hand corner of that mood board!

Mosey mood board

Mosey mood board 2

The Abstract Comparison

I had created this lovely image of a flower that looked so dreamy and ended up repeating that to achieve the Abstract print. Initially, the plan was to have the print be the pink and mustard tones you see above, but our manufacturer accidentally sent a print in the khaki colours you see in the eventual print. It wasn't what I initially envisioned, but I loved it. Typical life - you think you want one thing and you get given another that ends up being perfect. :)

The Abstract Full

Mosey Me is truly about bringing art, colour and design into your home, so it's so fun to go back and explore where we started with a print to the final product. 

We hope you enjoyed hearing a bit of the background story behind The Abstract - and if you're keen, click below to check out our full product range! 

Eliza (aka Mosey)
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